Mar Tex


Mar Tex is a specialized coating rich in acrylic polymer and composed of fine granules of quartz. Its textured finish protects the concrete and gives new life to your surfaces in addition to being durable for several years. Available in several colors, the Mar Tex embellishes your surfaces to give them a new appearance.

In addition to being used for exterior concrete surfaces, Mar Tex is an excellent product for an interior garage. Its exceptional durability of over 25 years and its warranty ranging from 5 to 10 years under all circumstances make Mar Tex the ultimate choice for superior quality coatings.

The advantages of this coating:

  • Mar Tex is uncrackable
  • Durable for several years
  • Protects your concrete surfaces
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Let your concrete surfaces breathe

Applicable on:

  • Indoor garage
  • Balconies
  • Steps
  • Flooring
  • Pool outline
  • and any walkable concrete surface!


Our Services

Mar Tex coating specialist — Our product can be applied to all walkable concrete surfaces.

Exterior Coating

Embellish your exterior with a complete coating, whether residential, commercial or institutional.

Indoor garage

Protect the concrete of your indoor garage in addition to giving it the look you want.

Steps / Stairs

Hide the age of your steps, as well as imperfections with Mar Tex.


Give your concrete balcony a completely different look.

Pool outline

To make your pool contour safer with an acrylic coating.

Many others

A large amount of different materials can be coated with our quality acrylic coatings.


Other Services


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Acrylic Coating

This versatile polymer exterior coating acts as an insulator for various surfaces.

Other Projects

In addition to residential work, we take on larger projects, such as buildings.

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