Our product is a polymer based exterior coating. This product is very versatile. It can be applied to several different surfaces, such as polystyrene (styrofoam or styrofoam), concrete and several others. We use it of course as an insulator.

The advantages of this coating:

  • Water repellent (no water infiltration possible)
  • Ultra resistant (fiberglass mesh)
  • Lifespan of more than 15 years
  • Choice of over 2000 colors
  • Choice of several textures
  • Very affordable price for the quality of the product!

The disadvantages of this coating:

  • There are none!

Applicable on:

  • Polystyrene
  • Foundations
  • Steps/Stairs
  • Balconies
  • Pool contours
  • and more!


Acrylic coating specialist – Our product can be applied to all kinds of surfaces.


Embellish your exterior with a complete coating, whether residential, commercial or institutional.


Repair cracks in addition to rejuvenating the appearance of the foundation.


Hide the age of your steps, as well as imperfections with acrylic.


Give your concrete balcony a completely different look.


To make your pool contour safer with an acrylic coating.


A large amount of different materials can be coated with our quality acrylic coatings. Contact us for more details!


For better appearance and extreme durability
Garage floors are exposed to several hazards: moisture, chemical spills, heavy mechanical loads and vehicular traffic. These factors combined damage the garage floor, even if it is a solid material, such as concrete. It is important to protect the floor appropriately and thereby increase the durability of the surface. Epoxy flake garage coatings also improve the appearance of the floor. Garage floor coverings are available in many colors and textures. Plus, a covered floor is easy to clean and free from stains and deterioration.

Uses of epoxy flakes
Epoxy flake garage flooring is suitable for high traffic areas such as garages, driveways and outdoor areas in residential areas, warehouses, workshops, showrooms, storage areas, bathrooms and security zones in commercial and industrial environments. Epoxy flakes can be used as both an internal and external finish. Since this is a surface coating, epoxy flakes can be installed over a new or existing concrete slab.

Epoxy flake floors are made from dry vinyl flakes and are then combined with a colored basecoat to create a multi-colored textured finish. Like other concrete floors, epoxy flakes exhibit a wide range of beneficial characteristics.

Epoxy for concrete surfaces is extremely durable and tough. Due to the textured finish, this type of coating has high impact resistance. This means that dropping your tools on the ground in the garage or shed will not cause damage to the floor. An epoxy flake floor is also slip resistant, hygienic, easy to clean, free from allergens and germs and affordable, not to mention the quick installation period. Allow 2-3 days of drying time before you can walk on it and up to 5 days before you can drive a car on it.

There are only 2 steps in the process to create your new epoxy flake floor:

  • Choose the base color
  • Choose the color and size of your snowflakes

Your epoxy floor will be covered by a warranty for up to 20 years, but should last for more than 20 years with minimal maintenance. The floor is also easily covered if the need arises in high traffic areas.